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Undaku has helped businesses of varied size and industries in their journey to cloud and being a SaaS business?
Undaku has been instrumental in launching new products, increase its customer base, and expedite time to market.
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case studies

Field Service

Undaku has helped craft businesses with easy-to-use applications that simplify communication between field workers and customers. Field operations became extremely effective as our solution could match customers to workers who had the least workload. Assigning workers to sites can even be automated based on availability and the type of service requested.

Solutions built on Undaku have found to have cut short request times by almost half the time than their conventional paper-based competitions.

Supply Chain

Companies that deal with fairly large quantities of inventory can benefit immensely from custom-built inventory management software. Undaku makes it easy to track new stock and manage outgoing stock through custom dashboards to ensure optimum warehouse management. It also makes it easy for teams in the warehouse to enter new inventory details into the app and build a database of past records for easy retrieval.

Order and returns can be easily managed through all-inclusive solutions, with insights on inventory on multiple sites, warehouse capacity, and much more.


Companies that are in the business of manufacturing industry-leading products invariably require a complex list of systems to be in place to ensure smooth production. Undaku makes it easy for businesses to create custom solutions to keep track of inventory, plan work for maximum resource utilization, and more to get absolute control over all production activities.

In addition, Undaku makes it easy to create all-inclusive dashboards to track progress at all times.


Undaku can be extremely helpful for law firms in managing clients, creating a central database for case documents, dispute management, and even timing legal services and accurate billing. Referring to previous cases is extremely simple through the platform with additional features that could also enable users to generate templates or documents required for legal proceedings.

Undaku could easily reduce the operating times for legal proceedings through proper documentation of valid information with quick retrieval, making it highly user-friendly.


Managing employees and their payroll surely requires discretion of the highest level. The process could get complex as your business grows with time. Undaku makes it easy for businesses to manage every stage of employee activity within your company, right from recruitment, attendance, training, and appraisals that may get complex in due process.

Businesses can easily scale up their HR software with feature additions that don't affect the performance of their existing application in any way.

Workflow automation

Establishing an automatic chain of commands is perhaps one of the greatest time-saving solutions that Undaku can offer businesses. With clear designation for every user accessing the platform, teams can create custom notifications, recurring actions, and track the health of their system through interactive dashboards with ease.

This also opens up businesses to look into further opportunities as much of their systems are automated to simplify and distribute work among team members.

Undaku case studies

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