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Get started on the path to better software delivery today with Undaku. Our extensive experience in digital and web marketing,
has allowed us to design, develop and integrate powerful creative platforms with innovative customer and developer engagement solutions. Our software products line-up includes websites, web applications, mobile apps, CMSs, CRMs, web services and more.

SaaS Product


SaaS Product Development

We get it. Companies crave for tech today that's tomorrow proof. But building SaaS offerings shouldn't be that tough either. Understanding what works for you and testing out products as quickly as possible is essential for today's highly competitive markets.

Undaku makes it easy for businesses to springboard their app development process and reach clients the fastest way possible. Forget wait times for development and server blackouts for good.


Cloud Tech Consulting

We love it when businesses build their SaaS on cloud. It gets them a ton of leverage while customizing their app on the go, letting them add or remove features with zero delay. Our team at Undaku focuses on making your app's serverless experience much simpler by helping out in your SaaS building journey.

Even though no-code SaaS building is pretty straightforward, you may still encounter advanced tools that could elevate your app's effectiveness even higher. With our guidance, you could fashion your app into a sophisticated business solution custom-built to meet your customers' needs head on.

Cloud Tech
SaaS Growth

SaaS Growth & Strategy

If you are in the SaaS business looking to create well thought of applications that matter, we can definitely help. Undaku helps companies with managing their end-to-end business interaction with customers. With key business insights that could benefit SaaS businesses through each stage of their progression, we can help you take your business to market with ease.

SaaS Transformation

Recent times have shown without doubt the importance of digitalization of business. Native apps have all experienced significant downtimes which is unacceptable now more than ever. It is exactly why businesses should consider making a switch to cloud-based applications that do not require in-house servers or native development processes.

Making the switch from on-premise to fully cloud based development could increase the overall productivity of your SaaS business.

SaaS Transformation


Undaku is compatible with some of the most popular app integrations for SaaS businesses currently available in the app market. Our platform is ever expanding to accommodate integration with other useful tools making life easier for both customers and businesses alike.

We are constantly developing new ways to simplify work for SaaS owners and citizen developers. It is thus important to have options to seamlessly integrate with other platforms, minimizing app complexity.