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Facility Management Solution


Facility Management Solution

We believe companies can leverage even more opportunities if they can visualize their progress across departments. With Undaku, our customers were able to create an effective facility management solution that kept track of their inventory, workload, and the overall health of the business. Retrieving data from linked databases helped to create engaging dashboards that were user-specific easy to gain insights from.

Legal Entity Operations Management - customer, proposal quotations, invoices

It takes a lot of effort to create and store quotations, send invoices to customers, and manage responses in a paper-based company. Undaku transformed the management system to fully digitalize and organize customer data, create structured proposal quotations, save them into neat records, and even send invoices as needed. It also made it simple for the key stakeholders to store company information securely and create a fully digital business experience.

Legal Entity Operations Management
Insurance CRM

Insurance CRM

Insurance startups require some of the best tracking software available for two reasons: managing their ever-growing client base and focused promotion to prospective customers. We understood the key features they'd need to accelerate their business and were able to create an MVP well within a week. Thanks to the drag and drop functionality of Undaku, dynamic testing and modifying the solution were super easy.

HR Recruitment Platform- This is a freelancing platform for hiring

Creating a successful platform that connects freelancers to clients through an HR portal was an easy job for Undaku. More than generating credentials for freelancers, clients, and grouping them into categories for easy matching, the HR recruitment platform acted as a seamless moderator between clients and freelancers. Being a cloud-based platform, actions taken in the platform were both super fast and extremely secure, making it extremely successful.

HR Recruitment Platform
Gate Pass

Gate Pass - People entering secure premises has to go through various level of approvals

Maintaining security of office premises is extremely important for several businesses and institutions. More than relying on people to manually check everyone, it's favorable to have a virtual approval process in place to prevent any breach in security. Our solution was aimed at creating levels of approvals for visitors to make security effective, reducing the overall time it took to get approvals and elevate the overall security detail of the premises.

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